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Over two content packed days this March 18 & 19, 2015, The Innovation Project® 2015 powered by®, will convene the most thoughtful minds from established players, emerging disruptors, and entrepreneurial visionaries in the world of payments and commerce.

Innovation At The Intersections implies that innovation in payments and commerce is at crossroads, moving from one particular way of thinking and doing innovation to another. And, that is exactly how our agenda is organized. Leading and participating in these discussions will be the most innovative, thoughtful and dynamic players from their sectors.

Global Luminaries And C-Suite Executives Who Lead The Conversations About The Future Of Payments And Commerce Include


Innovation Project® 2015 High Level Agenda

Innovation At The Intersections implies that innovation in payments and commerce is at crossroads, moving from one particular way of thinking and doing innovation to another. And, that is exactly how our agenda is organized. Leading and participating in these discussions will be the most innovative, thoughtful and dynamic players from their sectors

TBL and Innovation at the Big Intersections

CEO roundtable of how the internet is revolutionizing payments and commerce.
CEOs represent key ecosystems involved in the reinvention of payments and commerce.

From Payments to Commerce

CEOs of major payments companies reveal how they are meshing data and digital and payments to drive commerce forward worldwide.

From Global to Local

How leading cross border innovators show how they have cracked the code on converting shoppers into buyers.

Commerce now has no borders. Almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone, and by the end of this year, nearly 25 percent of the world’s population will have one or have access to one. Naturally, this has contributed massively to the growth of commerce around the world – with access to the internet comes the opportunity for new people to buy from merchants anywhere. And, big players all over the world are lining up to claim their piece of this global payments pie. What must these players do in order to enable global commerce while meeting the local preferences and requirements of this new global commerce consumer?

From Retail to OmniChannel

Experts debate whether omnichannel is, indeed, the future of retail, and if it is, who’s best positioned to get it.

From Acquisition to Engagement

Innovators disclose how by wiring the physical works and using mobile apps they can drive acquisition and engagement in profitable new ways.

Loyalty programs haven’t always lived up to their hype. Programs designed to get customers in the door with discounts, offers, deals and other promotions, may have gotten customers to take the bait but never long enough to keep the best customers loyal. Many millions of dollars and lost customer opportunities later, the pendulum has shifted to engagement and using the tools, technologies, and data that not only help issuers, merchants and innovators find the best customers, but deliver value and experiences that keep them engaged. What are some of the best in class innovators doing to keep those customers engaged and how do they know it is working?

From Outside to Inside

Experts from across the payments and financial ecosystem discuss why there have been so few success stories in enabling financial inclusion in spite the many efforts tried and billions of dollars spent on making it happen.

From Commodity to Value Added – The Pii360 Payments Innovation Index

Pii360 is the most comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of innovation ever conducted of any industry and the first one ever done for payments.

Developed by Market Platform Dynamics in collaboration with leading academic experts on innovation, survey methodology, economics, and R&D and patent valuations, Pii360 rigorously measures what more than 100 companies across 10 segments have done to develop innovation and how experts in payments view the success of these companies in executing and engaging those innovations.

The results of the full Pii360 report will be made available for the first time ever during a special an on-stage discussion with several of the companies who are profiled in the report moderated by Professor Josh Lerner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking and Unit Head, Entrepreneurial Management at Harvard Business School.

The complete report will be made available for purchase exclusively to Innovation Project delegates immediately following the session. The broader payments community will be able to purchase the report starting Monday, March 23rd.

Learning From The Legends

Hear from the CEOs in payments who have driven innovation in payments for the last three decades.

From Authentication to Identity

The world’s most progressive leaders in the field of authentication on the “holy grail” of security and how to get it soon.

This panel will explore the range of issues that are emerging as payments move digital. Mobile, data and new technologies, including biometrics make it possible for issuers to authenticate not only the transaction but the identity of the person making that transaction, and improve the overall security and integrity of the payments ecosystem. But as we make this shift, questions and issues arise regarding the cost the ecosystem, impact to existing ecosystems players and access and ownership of the data that enrich the sophistication of these schemes.

Banks to Non-Banks

Can alternative finance really take on the big banks and win? Hear them tell you know.

Banks are opening internet cafes in an effort to reach millennials. New platforms have emerged that match willing lenders with in need borrowers to fill the gap that traditional bankers created when their lending spigots turned off in 2008. New internet-based players are bundling traditional banking and merchant services – transactional credit, P2P payment, invoicing, merchant cash advances, card processing – in a single platform that take the place of what a more traditional financial services provider would typically offer. In the meantime, banks are forced to keep up with regulation that makes it difficult, impossible or costly to offer the portfolio of services that they once did. Has regulation killed the goose that laid the golden egg? Or created new opportunities for innovators to emerge and flourish? Who’s best positioned to win and why?

Learning From the Pivots

HBS professor takes the audience thru four abbreviated case discussions of four players who are innovating the way in which payments and commerce happens.

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2015 Participating Companies


Innovation Project® 2015

March 18-19, 2015
Located on the Harvard University* campus in Cambridge, MA.

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