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Reimagined and retooled for 2015, the ThinkAThon® offers a unique opportunity for a select group of Innovation Project delegates to simultaneously debate and offer tangible operational recommendations on issues that are at the core of igniting innovation in our industry – financial inclusion, cyber-security, and real-time payments.

This year’s ThinkAThon® offers a unique opportunity for industry executives to think like regulators and propose solutions to our panel of judges; recommendations that will ultimately set the course for our industry in 2015 and beyond.

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2015 ThinkAThon® Issues

Mobile-money platforms, alternative banking services, and other non-traditional banking schemes have offered up tremendous opportunities to better server the un and underbanked around the world.

Despite this, government regulators struggle to balance the need to foster innovation while ensuring that consumers aren’t exploited.

ThinkAThon® teams assigned to this issue will debate two propositions at the core of this issue.

Financial institutions are squarely in the crosshairs of cyber criminals looking to cash in on stealing sensitive information.

Successful attacks can impose serious collateral damage on bank customers, including individuals and businesses, and on national security.

ThinkAThon® teams will debate the role of governments around the world to help prevent cyber-attacks.

Most clearing and settlement systems for retail payments are run in batch mode in which transfers between banks are bunched together and cleared and settled at discrete points during the day.

Many have advocated for developing a new infrastructure in which clearing, and possibly settlement, would take place in real time.

ThinkAThon® teams will debate the value for real-time money movement and the government’s role in facilitating it.

The Innovation Project® 2015 ThinkAThon® Judges

David Evans


Global Economics Group

Tom Brown


Paul Hastings

Hans Morris

Former President Visa, MD at GA, Citi
Managing Partner

Nyca Partners

Dick Schmalensee

Economist, Former Dean, Sloan School of Management, MIT

Halsey Minor

CEO & Founder


Innovation Project® 2015

March 18-19, 2015
Located on the Harvard University* campus in Cambridge, MA.

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